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What is going on in the Community?

I am on a journey to learn more about our community and I want to share what I learn. Check-in periodically to follow me on this journey of self and community discovery so I can better support our families in Portland.


I am so humbled by being with a group of leaders like Christine Chin Ryan, MCDA Mike Schmidt, President of the VNCO Thu Thao (in the picture here), Hao Nguyen from Trimet, Water Berry from Multnomah County Public Health Department, and other leaders in Portland (I apologize if I forgot to list you).


I still get star struck with awe when I see these folks in community celebrating with the people they serve. That's the type of leader I aspire to be. One that is a part of a community they are committed to serve. 


At the event, I couldn't help but reflect how their journey defending South Vietnam was similar to the journey of the Mien people who tried to fight for Laos. It is a true privilege for us to be able to fight using our votes here in the US. I urge everyone who can vote to exercise their right. Whether it is for me or someone else, it is our duty as American citizens. 


Of course, I prefer you vote for me though!


Thank you, President of the Vietnamese Community Organization President, Thu Thao for inviting me.

I had the opportunity to attend the Portland Police Bureau Asian & Pacific Islander Advisory Council event along with other leaders in the community and members of the Portland Police. It was great seeing many community leaders, community members, and state, federal, and local agencies collectively coming together.

Now, your first argument may be, "it is not trafficking because you had a choice to do the work" but let me share a little about choice. What if, you live in poverty and are at risk of losing your home, your electricity, can't feed your children, what choice do you have?  You see, choice is something that you have when you have luxuries and privilege. These are not choices. You don't have a choice when you must survive. 

Most people that are victims, don't even know they are victims. I learned that labor and sex trafficking is not always as easy to identify and that we need to be vigilant as a community to eradicate it. I learned that choice is not something that most victims have, whether it is safety and basic needs. We rely too much on our police officers to solve this issue.  It's being accountable; we need to participate in helping to ensure the well-being of members in our communities. I will commit to continuously learn about our communities to better serve everyone.

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                    FEBRUARY 2024

Lents Neighborhood Association.jpg

I had the opportunity to meet with the Lents Neighborhood Association as they learned and asked questions about the new Portland government and had the opportunity to meet some neighborhood voters. I learned of the valid concerns about the new government in Portland. We are not the first to implement rank choice voting and we won't be the last. It is a voting system that makes every vote count. It may not be perfect, but it will give representation to the neighborhoods in the district. We have not had real representation in East Portland, now we will have 3. As a city councilmen, I will always listen to concerns, even when they are in opposition to mine. That's representation and that is what I will commit to do. 

                       LUNAR NEW YEAR                      FEBRUARY 2024

February is an exciting month for many Asian communities because that is typically the first month and beginning of the new year in the Gregorian calendar. The significance of the Lunar New Year is equivalent to our New Years, January 1. Based on the ethnic group, Lunar New Year may be celebrated differently but we all share the same hopes of peace, health, prosperity, wealth, and joy for ourselves and our families.

This photo is a group picture with some of my board of directors from the IU Mien Association of Oregon where I was fortunate enough to be elected as the President of the community. I have been blessed to work with these amazing folks that I otherwise would not have had an opportunity to do so. Together, our board and community have raised over 100k in grants and provided cash assistance, supplies, food resources, outreach and engagement to hundreds of individuals. 

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