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Representative Ricki Ruiz,

Oregon House District 50

Kao Chiem Chao

Mien Community Leader


"Cayle brings a unique blend of expertise, holding a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's in Social Work. With over 15 years of experience at the Department of Human Services, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to aiding families in need. His current work with community-based organizations advocating for immigrant rights aligns with his passion for social justice. With his current role as a school board member, Cayle is a proven well-rounded candidate that Portland needs."

"Cayle Tern is the current president of our Iu Mien Community of Oregon. He is very knowledgeable, kind hearted, and a great leader.

Cayle Tern has been our Community Associations president since before the COVID-19 pandemic. He has worked diligently to protect our community our of concern of losing community member(s). He has helped setup vaccination clinics to make sure that all community members get vaccinated. He has given out thousands of hygiene, masks, gloves, sanitizers, and other preventative supplies to the different communities in Portland. He has coordinated household goods, food, and other basic needs to disburse to those that are having difficulties during the pandemic. Most important things that I noticed of Cayle, is that he is very proud to be the elected President of the Iu Mien Community. He has also been very inspirational to youths and young adults, encouraging them to learn more about the Iu Mine Culture, and to learn to speak their native language. Through is presidency, he has been able to keep our Mien culture alive through preserving our tradition's, culture, language, and celebrating the Mien New year annually. 

With that being said, all of us Iu Mien American people in Portland Oregon is very proud of Cayle Tern and very happy to have him as our Iu Mien Community Association President."


Senator Chris Gorsek
Senate District 25

Kien Truong, Board of Director
Portland Community College

Representative Thuy Tran
House District 45 

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